Is it Biblical to save, invest, and have a financial retirement plan?

With the current state of our economy, money is tight, and sadly, many people are scraping by just to cover their monthly expenses.

To make matters worse, when it comes to retirement, many people do not have a plan to ensure they can enjoy their “golden years” without financial worries.

Are you interested in adopting a Biblical approach to money management and saving?

In this interview, Pastor Steve Wohlberg and Daniel discuss principles and practical tips designed to help you master your finances, all rooted in faith and wisdom.

Whether you’re striving to get out of debt, build a robust savings plan, or make wise investments, this interview offers invaluable insights that align with Biblical teachings.

We believe that by developing a healthier relationship with money, we can become better financial stewards for the Lord.

For more guidance checkout Steve’s financial course that walks you through how to have a healthy approach to growing your money.

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