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Vegan Meals


Note: Each meal is $10

Tickets will be available for pick up at the Modern Manna Booth located in the Chardonnay Hall. Your receipt must be presented to redeem your ticket(s).

There will be a total of six meals served.

To receive a “prepared meal” on Saturday, June 15 make sure to purchase your meal tickets no later than Friday, June 14. 




Friday Supper 5:30 PM

Nourish Bowl- Steamed quinoa, seasoned chickpeas, roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts 

on a bed of fresh salad greens topped with avocado-lemon-tahini dressing.

Sabbath Breakfast 7:30 AM

Breakfast Plate- Scrambled tofu & breakfast potatoes, 

hot oats and a fruit bowl with a glass of almond milk, coconut milk OR orange juice. 

A variety of condiments for oatmeal will be available.

Sabbath Lunch 12:30 PM

Burrito Bowl- Romaine and cabbage salad with brown rice, seasoned pinto beans,

grilled vegetables, salsa, olives and choice of vegan ranch OR mango-chipotle dressing.

Sabbath Supper 5:30 PM

Pasta Plate- Brown rice pasta with marinara sauce served with steamed mix vegetables

and a fresh garden salad with Lemon-Herb-Turmeric dressing.

Sunday Breakfast 7:30 AM

Pancake Breakfast- Two pancakes, hot oats, fresh fruit bowl with a glass of almond milk,

coconut milk OR orange juice. A variety of condiments for pancakes and oatmeal will be available.

Sunday Lunch 1:30 PM

Asian Glass Noodles- Mung bean noodles are served with vegetable stir-fry lightly seasoned with sesame and tamari and a fresh garden salad with Ginger-Almond dressing.


All meals served in the Zinfandel Dining Hall except for breakfast. 

Breakfast is served in the Main Hall (Chardonnay Hall) in front of the Kitchen.

PLEASE remember to pre-purchase your Sabbath meal tickets. 

Your meal will not be guaranteed otherwise.


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