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BellaVita (A Beautiful Life) The Movie – DVD

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Today’s media market is exponentially gaining interest in health related stories with prominent spokespersons such as past president Bill Clinton and movies such as Supersize Me, Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., and 9000 Needles.

The 54-minute documentary BellaVita – A Beautiful Life comes at a time when chronic disease is a national and economic crisis. The documentary is the dynamic testimonies of guests of the BellaVita 10-day detox program who experienced incredible healings using natural remedies instead of drugs. Watch the reaction of an 86-year-old Holocaust survivor after he passed a 3-foot tapeworm. Share in the relief with the nurse who suffered years from migraines that disappeared in three days. Laugh with the new-found freedom as a prescription drug addict as he pops a wheelie celebrating his personal victory over 12 years of Oxycontin abuse with as many as fifteen 80 milligram tablets a day. Follow the transformation as one regains use of her hands from crippling rheumatoid arthritis, others reduce blood pressure, stroke victim regains energy and balance while improving bowel function, a dentist beams with vitality and joy. All of these without medications, drugs and physician visits.

The story follows real people and their healing journey using natural remedies at this lifestyle education home such as: colon cleansing, parasite detoxification, liver flushes, cold-sheet treatments, herbal formulas, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, live juices and live cuisine. Watch how quickly nature heals and the body regenerates when in conformity with the 8 free doctors: sunshine, fresh air, exercise, fresh water, self-control, nutrition and trust in Divine power.

This documentary is produced by Modern Manna and is dedicated to the promotion of whole person healing and awareness of diseases, its causes, prevention and cure.

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