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Advances in Nutritional Science to Live Healthfully To 100

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By Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Did you know that recent advances in nutritional science have shown that certain foods provide dramatic protection against
cancer? Dr. Fuhrman will explain the relevant scientific studies that support these powerful conclusions. Find out which foods are:
• Nutrient-dense
• Cancer-protective • Longevity-favorable


Dr. Fuhrman will help you understand the science that connects dietary and lifestyle factors to longevity and cancer risk,
and discuss the research that supports these findings. Not just what you eat, but when, how often, how much, and in what combination are all factors influencing aging and ul mate lifespan. Learn how to incorporate these advances in nutritional and an -aging science in your life. Nutritional excellence, as demonstrated by the Nutritarian diet, can help you live a healthy and fulfilling life, and potentially reach your 100th birthday.

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