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Fast Food Genocide – Protecting Our Body, Our Brain and Our Genes

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By Dr. Joel Fuhrman

The common carcinogens present. Dr. Fuhrman explains why exposure to fast food and processed foods leaves a wake of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. In addition, he will review the scientific evidence demonstrating that these foods are also destructive to the human brain.


– Fast food and processed foods reduce intelligence, derail school performance, cause depression, and increase the propensity for violence and crime.

– Fast food and processed lead to food addiction, and the properties of foods that increase their addictive potential lead to the excessive caloric intake.

– Highly addictive junk food acts as a gateway drug to illegal drug abuse.

The tragedy of dangerous “Frankenfoods” falls disproportionally on the poor in urban “food deserts,” with lack of access
to supermarket produces further contributing to poverty, drug addiction, and crime. The solution is in sight; join the fight to restore the American dream of good health, prosperity, and happiness to all Americans, which can only happen with a food-aware populace and proper food access.

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