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Lifestyle for Excellent Health DVD series Plus Cookbook

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This unique DVD series will take you step-by-step on a journey to optimum health. Lifestyle for Excellent Health is a wonderful health series when it comes to natural remedies and reversing the disease process through lifestyle therapy. Learn how to cleanse the body with special herbal drinks and regenerate it with live smoothies and juices. The Vierras have taught their fun-filled, health educational series to thousands of people all over the world. Improve your health in the comfort of your own home while enjoying the enthusiasm of this health-oriented family. Each DVD will teach you not only why you should make lifestyle changes now, but how to make those changes. Join the Vierras in the kitchen and watch them demonstrate the most delicious, no cholesterol, lowfat, and beautifully garnished meals. From Fresh Fruit Smoothies and mouth-watering Banana Crepes to Fettucine (non-dairy) Alfredo, Spinach-Mushroom Strada, Vegetable Strada, Vegetable Fajitas and Oriental Vegetarian Chow Mein. Then there are the delightful desserts including: homemade non-dairy Ice Cream, Pineapple Pie, German Carob Cake, Cashew Banana Cream Pie and much more!With great enthusiasm and energy, Danny Vierra enlightens you in the latest health information. His Natural Remedies from the Kitchen segments are exciting and educational, besides being very practical. The health tips in these segments are incredible, and will help you on your journey to excellent health! The six incredible health presentations include the following: The State of Health in America The Dangers of Animal Procucts The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet The 8 Laws of Health and Natural Remedies Let Food Be Thy Medicine Health and Healing Lessons for You & Your Children Delightful Vegan Cooking Demonstration Natural Remedies from Your Kitchen

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