Sale! God’s Last Call
God’s Last Call
By Steve Wholberg The book of Revelation describes God’s final warning to His world before the return of Jesus Christ. That final warning is found in Revelation 14:6-12 and warns humanity about Judgment Day, the seductions of Mystery Babylon, the deceptive activities of the Beast, and the life-and-death necessity of avoiding its deadly mark. Pastor Steve Wohlberg explains the basics of this end-time message, how it ties in with our health, and how you can find peace, joy, and shelter through Heaven’s Lamb, Jesus Christ.
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Sale! Help for the Hopeless
Help for the Hopeless
By Steve Wholberg In his talk, Help for the Hopeless, Steve Wohlberg goes public and reveals personal details about the most horrible trial in his life that took place during the summer of 2017. An amazing drama of sleepless nights, mind-altering medication, Satan’s lies, trusting Jesus in the midst of hopelessness, and God’s amazing grace. 
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