Danny VierraDanny Vierra

Health Evangelist

DavidDavid Christopher

Health Educator

Dr. DDr. Hans Diehl

CHIP Program

McDougalDr. John McDougall

Degenerative Disease Expert

Dr. ShearerDr. Richard Shearer

Methylation Expert

Dr. SharDr. Sharol Tilgner


Dr. VickDr. Vicki Griffin

Human Nutrition

LymanHoward Lyman

Former Dairy Farmer

NathanNathan Renner

SDA Pastor


Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Diet and Nutrition Expert

BrannerArther Branner

SDA Pastor

CheriCherie Calbom

"The Juice Lady"

David HallDavid Hall


Dr. JoleDr. Joel Robbins

Naturopathic Medicine

DayDr. Lorraine Day

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. YoungDr. Robert Young

Alkaline Diet Expert

T. ColonDr. T. Colin Campbell

Author of the China study

MeyersPastor Ivor Myers

Former Hip Hop Artist

NomiNomi Shannon

Raw Chef


Steve Wohlberg

Director of White Horse Media

BobieBobby Spencer

Mr. World / Fitness Expert

ChristianChristian Berdahl

Shepherd's Call Ministry

AllanDr. Alan Goldhamer


Dr. John RDr. John Robbins

Nutrition Expert

NealDr. Neal Barnard

Founder of PCRM

Ron Woolsey

Co-Founder of Coming Out Ministries

Dr. TimmDr. Tim Riesenberger

Emergency Medicine Physician

JayJay Kordich

"The Juice Man"

StephenStephan Bohr

Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


Ocean Robbins

CEO of the Food Revolution Network

GersonCharlotte Gerson

Daughter of Max Gerson

Dave Dave Westbrook

Back to Enoch Ministry

GeorgeDr. George Malkmus

Hallelujah Acres

John LeeDr. John Lee

Natural Hormone Balance

Dr. SchultzDr. Richard Schulze

Natural Healer

Dr. RussDr. Russell Blaylock


Thomas JacksonThomas Jackson

Natural Remedies Expert

GianaGiana Vierra

Marriage and Family Therapist

Kristina(FullyRaw) Kristina 

Raw Foodie

Dr. Neil-Nedley


Dr. Neil Nedley

Alternative Health Physician

2015Past Crusade Series

1999 - 2019

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