2009 Courage To Go It Alone 13-Part Series – DVD

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1 Daniel's Diet: Burden Or Blessing? by Dr. Hans Diehl
2 Healthy, Wealthy and Wise by Pastor Arthur Branner
3 Live Food For Winning Energy Without Drugs by Charlotte Gerson,
4 The Good Life: Insidious Killer by Dr. Hans Diehl
5 A Living Sacrifice by Laura McKinley
6 Healing With Natural Medicine by Danny Vierra
7 Kings & Priests: Crowned & Consecrated by Pastor Arthur Branner
8 Physical and Spiritual Conditioning by Mr. World, Bobby Spencer
9 The Best Life: Infectious Healer by Dr. Hans Diehl
10 The Health Message & The Christian Race Danny Vierra
11 The Power of Purpose by Donnie Moore
12 The Psychology of Christian Relationships by Giana Vierra
13 Why Did God Give Us The Health Message? by Danny Vierra

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