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Diet of a Most Simple Kind

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Live to eat, or eat to live? Herein, you’ll find the gory details of what today’s food supply puts on the tables of many people. You’ll also find the much more pleasing features of the simplest of dietary fare.

Danny Vierra highlights that modern nutritional science bears out what the Bible says is best for us to eat and not to eat. Biblical counsel stipulates that a plant-based food plan is best. It also lays out a diet that if one does partake of animal products, which kinds to take in safely and which ones are downright dangerous to healthy living.

Science has also begun to show that God’s original plan of food in its natural state is still the most healthful—fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, and vegetables were added after sin began. Whereas, the animal products deemed unclean in the Bible are tainted with parasitic, bacterial, and viral infestations, even today.

God’s plan has always been the best plan. He provided for us the “live” foods on which we can live more happily and healthfully, both now and for eternity.

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