Modern Manna’s Health and Healing Crusade is an annual faith-based event that first began in 1993. The Crusade emphasizes natural remedies, plant-based diet and lifestyle principles, disease reversal, and spiritual revival through song and biblical messages. We aim to direct people to Jesus Christ by utilizing the health message as the right arm of the gospel. This three-day free Crusade offers health and spiritual presentation and inspirational music to uplift the soul.

Events like this are so important because we live in a time of increased diseases, and many times there are more questions than answers. For over two decades, Modern Manna’s Health & Healing Crusade has been a catalyst in bringing health, wholeness, and spiritual revival to those searching for answers. While attending our event, you will learn from wholistic experts how to naturally treat and reverse disease and live a life full of health and vitality.

Topics have included:

  • How to Naturally Reverse Disease

  • How to Super-Charge Your Immune System

  • Herbal Remedies for Uncommon Ailments

  • Reversing Diabetes with Lifestyle Choices

  • How to Keep the Brain from Aging

  • Can Attitude Affect Your Health

  • Preparation for the Coming Crises

  • And more!

For years our Crusade has provided a radical approach to regaining and maintaining health. Our health focus is comprised of detoxification, whole plant-based foods, juicing, food demonstrations, herbal remedies, hydrotherapy, prayer, fasting, and much more.

Our Crusade also provides classes for the children where they learn about human anatomy, nature, bible topics, and how to live and eat healthy for the glory of God.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Health and Healing Crusade!


Dr. John McDougall
Dr. T.Colin Campbell
Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Hans Diehl
Dr. Neil Nedley
John Robbins
Ocean Robbins
Dr. Russell Blaylock
Dr. Lorraine Day
Dr. Alan Goldhamer
Dr. George Malkmus
Ivor Meyers
Nathan Renner
Stephen Bohr
FullyRaw Kristina
Steve Wohlberg
Danny Vierra
Charlotte Gerson
Christian Berdahl