2002 Health and Healing Crusade – DVD Series

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This series from Modern Manna’s 2002 Health and Healing Crusade includes:

01 Modern Medicine – Miracles, Medicines, Money & Mirages by Dr. Hans Diehl
02 Reversing Western Killer Diseases – Part 1 by Dr. Hans Diehl
03 Reversing Western Killer Diseases – Part 2 by Dr. Hans Diehl
04 Portrait of a Killer by Dr. Hans Diehl
05 The 7 Channels of Elimination by Thomas Jackson
06 Wilt Thou Be Made Whole? by Thomas Jackson
07 God’s Farmacy – Part 2 by Thomas Jackson
08 The Fallacy of Early Detection by Dr. John McDougall
09 The McDougall Program for Gastro-Intestinal Disorders by Dr. John McDougall
10 Healthline LIVE! – Why Raw and Organic Food, Water Distillation and Juicing by Danny Vierra
11 Prescription for Natural Healing by Danny Vierra
12 5 Diets of the Bible by Danny Vierra
13 Herbal Protocol for Autoimmune Disease by David Christopher, MH
14 The Practical Application for Herbology by David Christopher, MH
15 Herbal Protocol for Cancer by David Christopher, MH
16 Restoring the Immune System & Healing Advanced Cancer by Charlotte Gerson

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