2004 Health and Healing Crusade – DVD Series

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This series from Modern Manna’s 2004 Health and Healing Crusade includes:

1 Healing The Hopeless by Danny Vierra
2 The Healing Passion of Christ by Danny Vierra
3 Uncommon Remedies for Common Ailments by Danny Vierra
4 Vegan Cooking & Detox Demo by Danny Vierra
5 Diet Vs. Drugs by Dr. John McDougall
6 The Role of Meat in the Human Diet by Dr. John McDougall
7 Food for Thought by Robert Cohen
8 God's Nutritionist by Robert Cohen
9 Healing Chronic Diseases Around the World by Charlotte Gerson
10 The Gerson Therapy Documentary by Charlotte Gerson
11 The Cure For Blindness by Dr. Lorraine Day
12 What Must I do to Be Healed? by Dr. Lorraine Day
13 Incredible Raw Food Demo by Robin Boyd
14 Eating in the Garden of Eden, Part 1 and 2 by Howard Lyman
15 Escaping the Pleasure Trap by Dr. Alan Goldhamer
16 The China Study Part 1 and 2 by Dr. T. Colin Campbell

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