2010 Health and Healing Crusade – DVD Series

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This series from Modern Manna’s 2010 Health and Healing Crusade includes:

01 A Health And Healing Testimony by Christian Berdahl
02 America's Cities In The Crosshairs – Getting Your Family Out by Dave Westbrook
03 Christ Was A Medical Missionary by Danny Vierra
04 Five Skills You Need To Survive The Coming Crisis by Dave Westbrook
05 Lessons From The Flood by Dave Westbrook
06 Live Food Live Bodies by Jay Kurdish
07 Live Food Preparations Made Easy by Debra Garner
08 Maui Vegetarian Cooking Demonstration by Brian Igarta and Crystal Duboyce
09 Prophecy And The Standard American Diet by Danny Vierra
10 Recharging Man's Vital Force by Danny Vierra
11 Restoring Your Health With Live Foods by Charlotte Gerson
12 Spiritual Health by Christian Berdahl
13 The Mind/Body Connection by Danny Vierra

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