2015 Health and Healing Crusade – DVD Series

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This series from Modern Manna’s 2015 Health and Healing Crusade series includes:

1 A New Heart by Dr. Tim Riesenberger
2 BellaVegan Live Food Recipes by Charmaine Vierra
3 Daniel’s 10-Day Health Program by Danny Vierra
4 Faith That Heals by Christian Berdahl
5 Integrated Medicine by Vierras
6 MTHFR – Questions and Answers by Dr. Richard Shearer
7 Out of Darkness by Adam and Tariq Pate
8 Secrets to Live to 100 by Dr. Tim Riesenberger
9 The BluePrint – Juiced and Amplified by Ivor Myers
10 The Poison of Unforgiveness by by Christian Berdahl
11 The Right Arm of the Gospel by Ivor Myers
12 The True Art of Healing by Danny Vierra

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