DETOX – Your Body

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by Danny Vierra

Fatigued? Feeling sluggish? Sleep problems? Have food cravings? Restless leg syndrome? Have an endless list of ailments that keep you from feeling truly well?

Author Danny Vierra has had many years of experience teaching people to expel what ails them. We live in such a toxic society. The worst ever in the history of the world. Still, we can purge our bodies from the noxious substances. Those that cause illness and disease.

Evidence is blatantly strong today that clogged bodily elimination systems are the primary root of today’s illnesses. If the seven channels that flush our bodies from toxins are cleaned, we’ll be much healthier. Dr. C. A. Herter linked intestinal putrefaction to epilepsy back in the 19th century. In the ensuing decades, others confirmed that a congested system is a malfunctioning system.

Following the various success stories, you’ll learn about various cleanses to detoxify your body. From the simple to the more involved. All this to help you restore your health to the fullest extent possible. Naturally.


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