2003 Health and Healing Crusade – DVD Series

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This series from Modern Manna’s 2003 Health and Healing Crusade includes:

01 BellaVita: Health Ministry Training Program by Danny Vierra
02 Health Reform & The Spirit of Prophecy by Danny Vierra
03 Emergency Herbal Medicine by Danny Vierra
04 Health & Healing Lessons by Danny Vierra
05 Vegetarian Cooking & Detox Demo by Danny Vierra
06 Better Than Valium; More Effective Than Prozac by Dr. Lorraine Day
07 Cancer: Why surgery is Always Necessary by Dr. Lorraine Day
08 Reversing Hypertension With Fork and Knife by Dr. Hans Diehl
09 Daniel’s Diet Burden or Blessing? by Dr. Hans Diehl
10 Eat More & Lose Weight by Dr. Hans Diehl
11 The Gerson Therapy for Healing Chronic Disease by Charlotte Gerson
12 Healing Advanced Cancer by Charlotte Gerson
13 Protecting Yourself from the Medical Business by Dr. John McDougall
14 The McDougall Program for the 21st Century by Dr. John McDougall
15 Breaking the Food Seduction by Dr. Neal Barnard
16 The Food Revolution Part 1 by John Robbins
17 Mad Cow Mad World by Howard Lyman
18 Don’t Exercise – Cellercise! by David Hall

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