God’s True Remedies

At every BellaVita Lifestyle and Cleansing Program, I instruct the guests in the use of God’s natural remedies and to respect them as the foundation of His heavenly health program. “Pure air, sunlight,  abstemiousness(temperance), rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, trust in divine power–these are the true remedies. Every person should have a knowledge of nature’sremedial agencies and how to apply them. It is essential both to understand the principles involved in the treatment of the sick and to have a practical training that will enable GTR1one rightly to use this knowledge.” Counsel on Health, p. 90.

At BellaVita, most diseases improve in a few days, because the guests live the laws of health while there. Whether the disease is diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, or some other chronic disease, the results are quite impressive.

We begin each day with a large glass of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon or an isotonic drink with sea water to move the bowels. After the morning lecture, the guests drink a special mixture of wildcrafted herbs to cleanse the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, bladder, and to kill parasites. An hour later they are served a hot cup of detox tea to gently cleanse the whole system, followed by a poultice drink made of bentonite clay, charcoal, psyllium, flaxseeds, and other herbs, to cleanse and remove old fecal waste and mucoid plaque from the bowel. A half hour later, we serve a morning breakfast drink with 13 superfoods, fresh-juiced organic apples, ground organic golden flaxseeds and flaxseed oil. The drinks continue throughout the day with other natural remedies.

We do not diagnose, prescribe, claim to cure, or practice medicine at BV, and no drugs are used. God does all the healing! WeGTR2 offer a lifestyle program that follows the Biblical prescription and incorporates God’s True Remedies for healing and building up the immune system. Everything we serve must be fresh, live and organic, or it is not part of the BellaVita program. “Health reform is an intelligent selection of the most healthful article of food prepared in the most healthful, simplest form.” ML 132. We teach our guests to keep the diet simple and to eat a variety of living foods, just as God gave them from the earth–live peaches, live apples, live carrots, live seeds and nuts, and sprouted buckwheat and broccoli seeds.

Guests may also add special supplements, like Glucose Regulation for diabetes and InflamaRest for arthritis, which they self administer and which can have a profound effect.

I like to think of BellaVita as an unique place that God has provided for the purpose of teaching people how they can take care of themselves without the use of drugs. We differ from other health centers because we focus on internal hygiene and recharging man’s vital force with  live foods, besides being deeply spiritual.
 Vital force is synonymous with life force or electrical energy that God gave man when he created him. At BellaVita we feed the guests only organic Tiara, triple crownand live foods and juices with the highest amount of electrical current to recharge man’s life force. “Those who eat flesh are but eating grains and vegetables at second hand; for the animal receives from these things the nutrition that produces growth. The life that was in the grains and vegetables passes into the eater. We receive it by eating the flesh of the animal. How much better to get it direct, by eating the food that God provided for our use!” Counsels on Diet and Foods, p 313.
Now pay close attention to this statement: “God endowed man with so great vital force that he has withstood the accumulation of disease brought upon the race in consequence of perverted habits, and has continued for six thousand years. This fact of itself is enough to evidence to us the strength and electrical energy that God gave to man at his creation. It took more than two thousand years of crime and indulgence of base passions to bring bodily disease upon the race to any great extent. If Adam, at his creation, had not been endowed with twenty times as much vital force as men now have, the race, with their present habits of living in violation of natural law, would have become extinct.”  3T 138.
 Man lived nearly a thousand years, even after Adam lost immortality and was driven from the Garden of Eden. Gradually this vital force diminished until we who live in this present generation have only 1/20 as much electrical energy or vital force as our father Adam.  Man’s voltage is running down. How important is it to learn  how to stop draining  your electrical energy and to recharge your vital force instead. The food you eat and the hours you keep, plus negative emotions and stress, can drain the life forces like batteries in a flashlight if you keep it on too long.
At BellaVita, our prescription is not poisonous drugs, which cause a double drain on the life force because all drugs are liver-toxic, but electrically-charged food and organic juices, exercise in the fresh air and healing sunshine, plenty of relaxation and sleep, and pure well-water. We also cleanse and purge the guests of toxins with healing drinks and hydrotherapy, and from sins by pointing them to Jesus and His word. Yes, our goal is to lead people to the source of all healing and cleansing–Jesus Christ–Whose face is “as the appearance of lightning and His eyes as lamps of fire (Daniel 10:6).” The brightness of His glory carries a huge electrical charge!
here is a statement in the Spirit of Prophecy that inspired me to open BellaVita years ago: “Before there were any sanitariums among us, my husband and I began work in medical missionary lines. We would bring to our house cases that had been given up by the physicians to die. When we knew not what to do for them we would pray to God most earnestly, and He always sent His blessing. He is the mighty Healer, and He worked with us. We never had time or opportunity to take a medical course, but we had success as we moved out in the fear of God and sought Him for wisdom at every step. This gave us courage in the Lord. Thus we combined prayer and labor. We used the simple water treatments, and then tried to fasten the eyes of the patients on the Great Healer. We told them what He could do for them. If we can inspire the patients with hope, this is greatly to their advantage.” WM 326, 327.
The guests love the cedar sauna and hydrotherapy treatments at BellaVita. Some love the coffee enemas because in 15 minutes they are pain-free or without migraines for the first time in years. The surroundings at BellaVita GTR4are breath-taking, the healing home is beautiful, and the staff are the best! I learned the blueprint on how to build the home sanitarium from the book Medical Ministry. And let me not forget–there is lots of love and laughter to go around. We sing hymns, pray and praise God, and at times cry together. There are toxins in tears, you know. God is present in every session, but the best room in the house is the coldsheet treatment room. “We always sense the Holy Spirit and angels present with each healing miracle,” says Robin, my right-hand worker and spiritual sister. Daniel, my son, has been helping me ever since we opened BellaVIta and also assists with the coldsheets. He is unbelievable, and, like Robin, gives a hundred percent of himself at every session.

 What is totally amazing is that we witness improvement with different ailments in aGTR5 matter of days! You can see the changes in the faces, like Daniel’s in the Bible, and some even shine because the electrical currents of the body are starting to recharge. You also will notice that many experience ease in body movements–another sign that the health is improving–and less pain and quicker steps. You can see the change in the body and face in about three days. Another indicator of good health is the voice gets stronger. God healing plan is amazing!

    At BellaVita, we serve only living food and eliminate all cooked or dead foods. When heating food above apple115 degrees the enzymes are destroyed. Enzymes, which occur naturally in all living things, are the catalyst for every cell to do its job. Every single function that takes place within our body, including pumping our blood and the growth of new cells, requires enzymes to begin, carry out, and complete the process. Enzymes are necessary to maintain our health and proper body functions, and we get enzymes by eating live food.
 For the 10-day therapeutic cleanse and healing program,we do not serve any grains, because so many people are allergic and don’t even know it. We do serve a raw pizza with a delicious raw barbecue sauce and live “cheese” made from cauliflower and butternut squash that look like the real thing on the last day. The crust is made with sprouted buckwheat that we dehydrate at 99 degrees to preserve the enzymes. Buckwheat is not really a grain at all, but a fruit related to rhubarb, and is therefore gluten-free. It originated in China, but is now eaten everywhere from Russia to Pennsylvania, thanks to its unique flavor. Recent studies link buckwheat to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, making it a beneficial grain-like food for people with adult onset diabetes and high cholesterol.
 Let me share with you some of the testimonies from November’s BellaVita session. Zdravko came from Montenegro and was baptized in the ozone jacuzzi on Sabbath. He is a very influential man in his country and editor of the most popular newspaper. He felt so much better physically and spiritually by the end of the program,GTR7 and was excited about his new mission in sharing the health message with the people of his country. Being the editor, he plans on writing health articles for the paper in an effort to bless others. NEWS FLASH: I just got an email from Zdravko and here is what he said:

Hello brother Danny:

How are you and how is your family? Is everything OK there. I’m GTR8sending you the picture, me with the newspaper, and my first article about health. Can you imagine the article is two whole pages in the number-one newspaper in Montenegro! The text was on the front page too. Can you imagine that? I’m going to continue with this. Many people called me after this article. I already have some patients. I give them advice in health and the results are very good. I have one man with liver cancer and he is better. One old man was on insulin, but not anymore after juice fasting and enemas.

I told you, I have a mission in my country. To you I owe a big thanks, because you motivated me. For a long time I knew what to do, but I started after I was with you.
    My plan is to come to BellaVita again maybe next year to see you, and maybe learn something new in [natural] medicine].
Thanks you again,
Zdravko (Jack)
Debbie, an RN, who had colon cancer and was recently diagnosed with melanoma, didn’t know what to expect. She was impressed with how clean and modern everything was at BellaVita. At the graduation ceremony she said: “I haven’t felt so good in years! I have such peace and happiness. I needed the emotional and spiritual healing, and the spiritual part of the program was incredible. BellaVita was my Christmas present. I know God led me here and I am eternally grateful. I feel alive!” Debbie cried many times as God confirmed that He was the One who scheduled her ten days at BellaVita. NEWS FLASH: I spoke with Debbie yesterday and she was ecstatic: “I know I learned a lot and was very emotional while there because I had been looking for a place like BellaVita for four years. I know God sent me there, Danny. I have ordered all the recipes books and got my GreenStar Juicer 5000 and Excalibur dehydrator from Modern Manna. I feel great, and I am so pleased that God led me there! I want to volunteer for the January session and help you.”
  Bob and Manuella were a wonderful couple with an amazing story. Manuella, Bob’s wife, came for an appointment at Modern Manna with a very skeptical husband named Bob.GTR9 In fact, the appointment was not for Bob at all, but for a relative who needed a ride. Manuella was hoping and praying for a miracle–that Bob would have a chance to talk with me about his diabetes and neuropathy. Bob had trouble walking because of excruciating pain in his feet and hated taking the strong pain killers his doctor had prescribed. All his happiness was gone, and Manuella hurt for her husband of 41 years.
At the appointment for their relative, Bob sat down with me and talked for ten minutes. I told him that his diabetes would probably improve in five days and the neuropathy too. That was all he needed to hear. Bob, to our surprise, signed up for BellaVita in ten minutes.
At the graduation ceremony, Manuella shared: “On a promise of a ten-minute appointment, we packed our bags and headed to BellaVita. Bob could not not walk without pain, but in five days at BellaVita, not only was his blood sugar normal without medication, but Bob walked three and one-half miles. I witnessed a miracle in five days, and with no pain killers either! Bob would pant just walking across the street. Everyday of life was mingled with pain. He was not happy and needed a miracle. I know there is a God and Jesus. I loved the baptism the most. BellaVIta was God’s gift to us. The staff were incredible and Danny’s zeal and passion moved us.”
Bob, in tears, added: “I was angry when I came. I have lived with pain 24/7, but BellaVita has given me back my happiness. And Danny, you are the most unselfish man I have ever met. I love you.” The hug he then gave me was truly from his heart.” “I love you too,” I answered. “I knew I had met a life-long friend. Bob also could not put down my new book–The Final Inquisition, and took copies to pass out to others. NEWS FLASH: I spoke to Bob yesterday and he told me he is a vegan and his blood sugar is good. “I am not taking any medication either,” he said.
 Sharia, 15 years old, suffered with bulimia. She had attended Modern Manna’s Christian Youth Health Conference with her mother who decided to turn vegan at the event. Sharia said: “I felt the love in the messages presented by Mr. World and you, Danny, and wanted to come to BellaVita. Now I have lost 5 lbs., and when you told me that you would be my “adopted father,” it was the highlight of my life. I have been texting some of my friends and three are getting off meat and two are going to stop drinking. I want to study my Bible more and help people my age. The first thing I want to do is to find God more. My bulimia was part of me when I came and it controlled me, but now I have learned how to control it.”
 Raleigh was quite complimentary and said: “BellaVita opened my eyes as to whyGTR10 I moved to Lodi. It was to meet you, Danny. I realize now that God had a higher purpose for my life and I know it was to bring me to meet you and that you could help me.” His wife Londa was part of the staff and a tremendous help. She appreciated the spiritual part of the program the most.
Nori did not expect the emotional support the program offered. She said: “When you follow the program to the dot, you can expect incredible changes to happen. I needed the physical, mental, and spiritual changes. It was the best Christmas present I could have.”
  Marla said: Danny is the most charismatic person I ever met. I loved that he learned from Dr. Schulze and Charlotte Gerson and shared his knowledge with us. I received the best massage from Cheryl that I ever had. The setting, scenery, and variety of exercise in the weight room was wonderful. I loved the sharing time at the table and I was very impressed with Sharia. And Zdravko–amazing that a person came from another country and is going back home to share what he learned at BV.
Michael came with a recent diagnosis of leukemia. October 25 he was healthy and on the 27th he had four IVs going in his arm. They used chemo on him and he came down with a rare disease called Steven/Johnson Syndrome that caused his skin to peel off his penis, anus, hands and legs. Michael shared: “I decided to come to BellaVita because of my son and daughter. When I arrived I had no life, but the lectures, prayers, and bonding gave me hope. I feel so good and I know I can do this by the grace of God.”
 Michael was able to walk four miles a day the last days of the program. All was good, but I received a phone call a couple of weeks later from his son: “My father is in the hospital and he went into anaphylactic shock and had other reactions after more chemo. Now they want to do angioplasty on him. Danny, I am more of a believer than ever, seeing my dad’s health after BV. He looked so good and was juicing and exercising every day and had a lot of hope, but the doctors pressured him to take more chemo. They have undone everything that was accomplished at BV. Please pray for him.” NEWS FLASH: I spoke to Michael yesterday and he did have the angioplasty and was feeling good. He said: “The doctors want to keep me on medication for the rest of my life, but I am choosing God’s True Remedies instead. I am juicing and going for walks everyday. I know God’s remedies are the foundation for my healing–I told the doctors so and they looked at me very strangely.”

Friends, do you remember the SOS I sent out a few weeks ago about Carrie, the woman who came with tongue cancer and a large tumor in her throat. The hope and faith that she has in the Lord is incredible. I spoke to Charlotte Gerson a couple of times while Carrie was at BV and Charlotte said: “Ask her if she has any root canals.” Charlotte was right on, for all Carrie’s problems started three years ago–right after she had $87,000 worth of work done on her teeth. “I have 12 root canals,” Carrie answered. One tooth that was close to the tumor was bothering her terribly. “Since the tumor is around her jugular vein, it could be very dangerous to have it pulled, Charlotte warned,”She may want to have that one pulled last.”

  I called a Holistic Dentist for Carrie, and she scheduled an appointment. The dentist wouldn’t touch the tooth and sent her immediately to an oral surgeon who pulled it right away. The doctor said there was decay in the tooth, and no wonder Carrie felt immediately better once it had been removed. She has another appointment scheduled and her hope is still alive. She thanked us for the mental and spiritual rest she found at BellaVita.

BellaVita means a beautiful life in Italian. Yes, we can have beautiful health and recharge our life forces when we practice God’s natural laws of health–His True Remedies. His natural doctors provide healing power that vibrates through the whole system. Think of live food, air, rest, sunshine, and pure  water as God’s superchargers. Why not reach out and touch His garment and see what miracles happen. Praise God for the electric currents that come straight from His throne to those who believe in His name.


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