BellaVita Miracles and the Coldsheet Treatment

“I felt listless before I came to BellaVita. My pulse was racing. My blood pressure was over 200, my glucose was 405, and my cholesterol was also very high. MCT1I spent the night in the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital for 2 days. I refused the medications which frightened my nurse-wife half to death. I knew I needed to do something, but the prices for the Weimar Newstart Program and Uchee Pines were astronomical. I called Danny and he told me he was starting a program on Sunday at BellaVita, and the price was exactly what I had prayed for.

MCT2“I thanked God because my blood pressure and my blood sugar were near normal in only two days while at the wonderful lifestyle center located in the beautiful grape country of central California. Then  on day ten, my BP was down to 111/50 and my blood sugar was 115. Praise the Lord. I am living a new life free from disease because God made it all possible at BellaVita through Danny Vierra,” said Pastor John from San Diego.

Helene, a spiritual coach who has her Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology,came to BellaVita after being diagnosed with Stage-4 breast cancer with metastases to the lung. The cancer had broken through the skin and she was deeply concerned. “I did not know what I was going to do. I definitely was not going to do conventional treatment. A friend of mine found BellaVita Lifestyle Center on the internet, and I called Modern Manna only to learn that the session was full. But there was an unexpected cancellation at the last minute and I was able to get in for the August session.

“When I spoke to Danny he told me that the ten day session at BellaVita was a very spiritual Christian-based program. I had been turned off to religion and Christianity because my mother shoved it down my throat when I was young. But Danny’s knowledge of the Bible and its relation to health principles touched my heart anew. I saw that God had a health plan and it  was in the Bible. I have always felt connected to the divine, but seeing health in the Scriptures for the first time was exciting.

“Danny’s spiritual counsel during the coldsheet treatment helped me understand that the Holy Spirit could live in my body temple, and I could receive Him simply by asking (see Luke 11:13). How comforting to learn that my fight against cancer could be overcome through the aid of the Holy Spirit.”

I shared with Helene that Jesus Christ was a personal Saviour who died on Calvary’s cross for her sins. She received my words with an open mind, healing the damage done by her mother. I told her Jesus is the true “Divine” because He rose from the dead and ascended to the Father where He makes intercession for us. I then gave her the greatest book ever written on the life of Christ — The Desire of Ages — which she started reading immediately. She also accept my second gift — Steps to Christ — before she left for the airport.

Ed came with Hepatitis C and was an ex-heroin addict for many years. A friend made it possible for Ed and his girlfriend Robin to come to BellaVita, by sponsoring them. Not only did Ed learn a new way of eating, but he found the spirituality of the program to be the best part of all. I was so happy when Ed returned from town with the first Bible he had ever bought in his life. Wow, we all praised God for that miracle! “I bought it because I like what I am hearing from you Danny about the Lord. I am going to change my life for sure,” he humbly said.

Robin, Ed’s girlfriend, shared one of the most incredible and painful stories I have ever heard.  She referred to her broken life as “a different kind of school.” She, too, was an ex-heroin addict and lived on the streets for a while in Las Vegas. “I should have been dead many times. I saw many young girls die around me. I gave many CPR and saved their lives.  I think I am the only ex-junkie who is alive that should have been dead many, many times.”

She said: “I got interested in health while  truck driving with Eddie. Daniel Jr. would spend many hours on the phone with me and answer all my health questions when I called Modern Manna. BellaVita has been such a blessing. I know now that there is a better life.”

I was so happy when Robin asked Jesus to come into her heart during her coldsheet treatment. She prayed: “It has been a long time since I have talked to you, Lord. I know we tried this a long time ago and it did not go so well. Can we try it one more time, please?” I knew her prayer was real and that God heard her cry. Amazing things happen in the coldsheet room. We all sense the presence of God in that room.

Robin smoked for 44 years when she got to BellaVita. She quit smoking and had absolutely no desire for a cigarette after the first two days. Praise God for no cravings during the detox program. Most people gain weight when quitting smoking, she lost 4 pounds in the process.

Robin experienced bad PMS symptoms most her life — swelling, pain, fibrocystic breasts, swollen abdomen, moodiness, lack of energy, constipation, and cramping. She started her period at BellaVita with NO SYMPTOMS! MCT3She said, “It is the first time ever that I did not know my period was coming. The 10-day cleanse worked in ways I never expected after trying hormone replacement therapy, herbs, and pain pills.”

Our photographer, Yvette, took pictures at BellaVita while going through the detox program. She sent me Robin’s picture and said: “I have some great before and after shots! Giana mentioned that you specifically wanted Robin and John’s photos. Robin actually ran away from me and didn’t allow me to take her ‘before’ photo mumbling, ‘I’m not presentable, I’m ugly … I don’t like pictures’. When I approached her for her ‘after’ photo, she didn’t hesitate and actually posed for me! This just goes to show you the impact of Bella Vita on physical and emotional health. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

One of the most powerful testimonies came from Charmaine,  a seven-year breast cancer survivor. Her testimony is titled Healing the soul.

“As is often the case, one of life’s greatest teachers is our own experience with pain.

“Seven and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ with micro-invasions. The tumor was eight centimeters in diameter and growing very rapidly. When the doctor delivered the diagnosis, I took it as a death warrant.  I wondered how someone as healthy and physically active as I was could contract a disease for which I had no family history.

“It was two years later that my question was answered in part.  I received a copy of The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell.  My mind saw the light as I read the harmful effects of animal protein and dietary fat in cancer promotion.  I was convinced.  I adopted a plant-based diet devoting my life and career endeavors to share this information with others.

“During my stay at BellaVita, I was taken to a new level of understanding that my health is not wholly dependent upon a vegan diet.  Danny gives such an emphasis on the intimate connection between our physical and spiritual wellness, as well as our mental well-being.  I am reminded of this quote, “Those who are sick in body are nearly always sick in soul, and when the soul is sick, the body is made sick.” MS. 62, 1900.

“Among the many treatments offered at BellaVita, the coldsheet treatment provides a unique opportunity for soul healing.  I had been privileged to sit in and observe the treatment with a woman that suffered nearly a lifetime of abuse.  I heard the painful descriptions that left her soul scarred with fears, resentment, anger and pain.  I was cheered as I heard yet the spark of hope in her voice, the desire for freedom and release.  Danny shared scriptural promises with her and anointed her with oil.  I watched as she started to declare her faith and freedom.  The tears flowed freely, and the Holy Spirit obviously was present.  She arose up off that bed a new person. The remainder of her stay, she smiled and appeared totally transformed and energized with a new hope.

“As others emerged from their Cold Sheet, their faces shone with a new brightness and smiles that just wouldn’t stop.  The transformations are so glaring; there was even an undercurrent of curious chatter as to what supernatural thing is it about the room. Those waiting for the treatment tried to gather as much information as if to figure out the secret.

“Then came my turn.  I had prepared through prayer, asking God to open the chambers of my soul to receive the emotional healing that He desires to give us freely.  As I went through the process, I saw the safe place created to bring wounded souls near to Christ for His healing touch.  The gift to me came in the form of a beautiful scripture that Danny read to me:  “Redeeming the time, for the days are evil.” Eph. 5:16.  How do we as new Creatures in Christ show forth our praise to Him that loved us and gave His life for us?  We give Him each day as a new beginning, walking by His side, in His strength and wisdom, making the most of every opportunity.

“The sought for healing came to my soul.  I know He desires for me as a daughter of God to walk in the newness of renewed life and freedom from the wounds of the past.

“‘The Savior ministered to both the soul and the body. The gospel which He taught was a message of spiritual life and of physical restoration. Deliverance from sin and healing of disease were linked together. The same ministry is committed to the Christian physician. He is to unite with Christ in relieving both the physical and spiritual needs of his fellow men. He is to be to the sick a messenger of mercy, bringing to them a remedy for the diseased body and for the sin-sick soul.’ ML 154

“Can we put a price on a human life?  Yes, the precious blood of the Son of God.  He willingly gave His virtue, and now He applies it to us in soul regeneration and healing.

“For me, cancer was a gift.  It changed my direction in life, giving me purpose while creating meaning and beauty from something apparently devastating.   My prayer is that my testimony may touch hearts and motivate souls to seek the deep healing of the soul through Christ and bring that gift of grace into the lives of those around them.

“Thank you God for using Danny to bless the lives of your wounded children and bring them into Your recreative presence.” Awesome testimony!

“Carole said: “I came to BellaVita not knowing what to expect, but as the days went by I knew this was ordained of God.  I have learned about the importance of eating a whole plant-based diet and how I can have a better quality of life. I was deeply impressed by Danny’s children who kiss and hug each other — a reflection of their father. The acid in my stomach and the digestive problems I came with disappeared and I feel so much more energy. Now I can eat food again, after avoiding vegetables and even salads for many months because they gave me heartburn. I am so happy!”

Casey, 21, came to BellaVita to get his life in order and to spiritually connect with the Lord.  He followed the daily regimen to the letter and had many questions. He said: “When I first came to BellaVita I was ready to hear that meat was bad for me, but I learned way more than I thought I would and I am ready to share it with others.”

Michael and Cookie were repeats. They attended BellaVIta eight months ago and felt like they were back home. Michael thanked God for being in his life and making it possible for them to attend another ten-day session so soon. Cookie shared that she had not menstruated since the last BV eight months ago. She said: “I am going through menopause, but at each BV I start menstruating.” We both agreed it was due to the cleansing and regenerating program that got things moving again — the live organic juices and food, the wildcrafted, organic herbs, the coldsheet treatment, and God’s natural laws of health. I always say: “When you do everything at once, the miracles happen.”

Debbie came to BellaVita not knowing that her lupus was caused from her emotional pain. She wrote me the kindest card thanking me for sharing my own painful stories and the forgiveness I found through Jesus Christ. I taught her, “By love is love awakened and forgiveness is the key to freedom.” Debbie was able to find freedom and heal the pain in her heart as I pointed her to Jesus. “Constantly [she] is to pray to the Saviour to heal the disorders of [her] sin-sick soul. [She] has not the wisdom or the strength to overcome; these belong to the Lord, and He bestows them on those who in humiliation and contrition seek Him for help.” AA 532.  Debbie said she would be forever grateful to God for bringing her to BellaVita.

There is nothing like true medical missionary work. I have done many things for the Lord the past 25 years, but working with the sick and suffering is the most rewarding. To see captives set free from emotional bondage, diseases reversed by obeying the laws of health, and faces change for the better in a mere ten days is incredible. When we consider the wonderful God we serve, we quickly learn there are no incurable diseases when Jesus is called upon as the Great Physician.

In closing, there was one more guest who had a new birth in the coldsheet room. She came grumpy and had a sad countenance every morning until she was cleansed and setMCT4 free in her coldsheet treatment. The hot bath in cayenne, ginger, and mustard powder started the process. The four cups of hyssop and yarrow tea intensified it. The ice cold sheet wrap brought her to a very special place. The words of wisdom, the prayers, and the anointing removed years of pain and unforgiveness as she learned her mother who had hurt her was a victim herself and indeed failed her as a mother. She forgave her mom for the failures which affected her health for many years.  She could not go back in the past to fix the problem, but she could use the opportunity that today offers and redeem the time by forgiving her deceased mother in her heart for her failure. Once she did this and gave it to Jesus, He took it all away. Everyone at BellaVita was amazed as the new woman emerged from the coldsheet room bearing the evidence on her face of her healing — a smile of rejoicing that never faded away.


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