Did Kathy’s Asthma and Other Issues Really Clear Up?

This amazing stories will inspire you to take charge of your own health in new ways so you too can experience the  healing miracles.

Cal and Kathy came to BellaVita with a number of health issues. Cathy’s testimony, in particular, is most incredible. I am thrilled every time I see a person who suffers from so many health problems improve like she did in only ten days. Here are Cal and Kathy’s letters of appreciation.

Dear BellaVita:

I am writing this testimonial to be a witness for you for the many miracles that happened to me personally during my ten day stay during the September, 2010 at BellaVita.

I arrived at BellaVita full of toxins. I had an infected gum that almost caused me not to attend, a temperature of 103 degrees, and a swollen face. All three issues were cleared up in three days using your treatments [Aerobic 07 and Modern Manna’s Tooth and Gum Formula] and cleansing program.

I have adult onset asthma, and I have been taking controlling medications for four years. I would never leave the house without my Albuterol. I was taking Zyrtec twice daily. Since I started your eating program [a vegan diet with lots of raw food and juices], my asthma has improved dramatically, to the point I had not taken any medication for it for several days.

Due to sinus infections and chest congestion, Sudafed and nasal spray, and over-the-counter medicines, such as Mucinex have been my daily companions for years, if not decades. By day 2 at BellaVita, all symptoms disappeared and have not returned.

I have had restless legs syndrome and numbness in the two toes of my right foot for years. Both of these issues are gone. I also have been sleeping with a wrist brace for over four years as a result of carpal tunnel issues. In addition, I had the beginnings of arthritis in the thumb of the same hand. At the end of five days at BellaVita, I was no longer putting on the wrist brace at night. I also have full movement in my wrist. There is absolutely no pain in the wrist or thumb.

The first day my blood pressure was 169/109. This morning my blood pressure measured 122/72. My weight loss was a modest seven pounds, but it is headed in a positive direction, and expect downward until I reach my goal.

Finally, by the end of the first week, as a result of your cleansing and exercise programs, my husband was telling me he had never felt skin so soft. He told me it felt just as smooth as our nine year old granddaughter’s skin.

Please forgive me not being able to condense my issues onto one page. They are just too numerous, and I wanted to list as many as I could remember. There even may have been one or two others I have forgotten, as your detoxification program has eliminated them all, and I feel as if my immune system is improving daily.

Despite all the above miracles, the biggest miracle of all was the enrichment of my soul and a feeling of closeness to God. Your ministry was fantastic. You really have the passion for God’s diet and the ministry of His Word. I was blessed to be there for ten days. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!

In the family of Christ, gratitude, love, and God’s blessings to you,

Kathleen M. Youel

Kathy also suffered from constipation for years. On day two she was having a hard time and I could see she was miserable. I knew she was very backed up, and once her bowels dumped all those toxins she would feel much better and her body would begin to heal. Here was a woman who was suffering from the effects of autointoxication or self poisoning. “The impurities of the body, if not allowed to escape, are taken back into the blood and forced upon the internal organs. Nature, to relieve herself of poisonous impurities, makes an effort to free the system. This effort produces fevers and what is termed disease.” Counsels on Health, 61, 62.

Now here is Cal’s testimony.

Dear BellaVita:

I am writing this testimonial to follow up with you as to what happened to me personally during my ten day stay during September, 2010 at BellaVita. I arrived at BellaVita with the following issues: high blood pressure, and enlarged prostate, a little overweight, severe sinus issues, and soreness in my right knee.

The first day my blood pressure was at approximately 145/98. This morning my blood pressure registered 107/74. My weight loss was a modest six pounds, but I only need to drop another five pounds to reach my desired goal of 175 pounds.

After one week, the knee soreness disappeared, and I was able to walk four miles daily. In addition, as a result of your cleansing and exercise programs, my skin has never felt so soft. The exercise, sauna, and skin brushing have made a tremendous difference. I no longer use hand lotion.

The sinus, headache, and congestion issues have all disappeared. My enlarged prostate will be a little longer in healing. However, I am now confident that this issue is being addressed, and I truly believe it too will heal, as my immune system strengthens.

Finally, I would be amiss if I did not mention the beautiful facilities and the country air. It all added to the healing process. You have named the place correctly.

The enrichment of my soul and the Christian fellowship you brought to all of our learning sessions will be the greatest gift of all. The ten individuals in attendance are all now family, and each and everyone of them added greatly to your ministry.

In God’s love,

Calvin Youel


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