Victory Over Prescription Drug Dependence

Doug came to BellaVita with the hope of gaining victory over prescription drug dependence. His physician father started him on pain medication when he was only 7 years old because of a painful tooth and gum disease. Years later he got into a motorcycle accident, and was given stronger pain killers and got dependent on them. Altogether, he was on prescription pain killers for over 40 years at 51 years old.

When Doug arrived on Sunday, I learned he was taking 15 to 20 eighty milligram Oxycontin a day for pain in his back. He also suffered with colitis and hadlost 25 lbs and looked like the walking dead. The color in his face was indicative of a person that was seriously toxic and nutrient deficient.

I immediately started to pray.

On day one of the cleansing program at BellaVita, Doug took only 2 Oxycontin tablets which amazed all of us. But what was more amazing was that on day 2 he took none. I posted his progress on facebook about the miracle and immediately someone responded that he could have a heart attack and seizures. I was concerned and called my good friend with 50 yrs. experience, Charlotte Gerson. Charlotte said: “People do not understand how effective coffee enemas are when detoxifying a drug dependent person.” I had worked with guests in the past who were dependent on prescription pain killers and noticed they did not have the withdrawal symptoms others did who followed the conventional way of detoxifying. Doug was no exception. Charlotte said: “Feed him the juices and the organic food and have him take 3 coffee enemas a day.” Charlotte has shared many healing stories with me over the years, one of which was a cocaine addict who got off the drug in 72 hours with coffeeenemas so I knew it was possible for Doug to gain the victory.

Besides the enemas, juices, and 3 fabulously healthy vegan meals a day,Doug was drinking 5 poultice drinks for 5 days made with charcoal, bentonite clay, flaxseeds, psyllium husks, and other herbs. The clay andcharcoal absorbs many times their weight in toxins very quickly and escorts them out of the body via the colon. The coffee enemas detoxify the liver in 12 to 15 minutes and the combination is wonderful as in Doug’s situation.

Doug also walked 4 miles a day beginning on day 2. Each day he took a sauna–which helped open the pours for further detoxification, skin brushed, which removed millions of dead cells fromthe skin, and took contrast showers of hot and cold to stimulate a lymph cleansing/immune response. The coldsheet treatment and all the love Doug received at BellaVita was critical to his healing victory over drug dependence. The rest of the guests could not believe the miracle that took place right in front of our eyes.

“I have been seekingand experiencing other good wellness programs like CedarBrook andWeimar, but BellaVita has changed my life. Danny, everything that cameout of your mouth was truth. I can rejoice in my infirmities now, foryou have given me a new perspective of my Saviour. The spiritual part ofthe program made the difference coupled with the aggressive cleansing program. I have an inexpressible experience. I used to wonder if I would be happy in heaven, but this has been a little taste of heaven at BellaVita,” said Doug. We walked 4 miles each day together and the long talks were a definite encouragement to both of us. We laughed so much I could see his life force recharging. He wanted to scream at times and looked so much better every day. When Doug left, he handed me 12 bottles of prescription pain killers and said: “”I won’t be needing these anymore.” He also canceled his order that was ready at the pharmacy.

Here is a poem Doug wrote years ago.


This world is not my home

Soon it is coming to an end

The Lord He stands there waiting

For new life to begin

All He asks me is to give Him all my sin

He says He’ll wash me clean

And cover it like snow

So when the trumpet sounds,

He’s sure I will be ready to go

Do you hear the Saviour calling?

Through all of life’s fast pace?

All He wants to do is wrap us in His Loving grace

Do you hear the Saviour calling? He is calling you and I

He hopes, He prays, He is longing

that not one child should have to die

Do you hear the Saviour calling?

He is calling you and me

Do you hear the Saviour calling?

He’s calling all to be free!

I am free! Thank you Danny. I love you,


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