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Black Bean Chili Burritos


Black Bean Chili Burritos Skillet or Frying PanPotato masherPressure Cooker 2 cups black beans (dried)1 large yellow onion (chopped)1 bell pepper (chopped)3 garlic cloves (minced)1 tbsp honey1 tsp chili powder2 tsp cumin (ground)1 tsp sea salt3 1/2 cup fresh tomatoes (chopped)1/3 cup cilantro (chopped)1/2 cup vegan cheese (Follow Your Heart or Daiya )1 cup brown [...]

Black Bean Chili Burritos2021-06-09T19:30:55+00:00

Oat Walnut Waffles


Oat Walnut Waffles Our family loves family traditions and every Sunday morning we make these oat walnut waffles. Waffle IronVitamix Blender 1/2 cup raw walnuts ( soaked overnight)2 cups water (divided)4 each medjool dates (pitted)2 cups rolled oats1 tsp vanilla extract1/2 tsp Celtic salt Soak walnuts in a small bowl overnight in the fridge. Drain [...]

Oat Walnut Waffles2021-06-10T05:06:03+00:00

Victory Over Prescription Drug Dependence


Victory Over Prescription Drug Dependence Doug came to BellaVita with the hope of gaining victory over prescription drug dependence. His physician father started him on pain medication when he was only 7 years old because of a painful tooth and gum disease. Years later he got into a motorcycle accident, and was [...]

Victory Over Prescription Drug Dependence2021-08-02T05:34:56+00:00

Beet Arugula Immune-Boosting Salad


Beet Arugula Immune-Boosting Salad Here is a video we did to demonstrate how to incorporate fun immune-boosting foods into your diet. We always recommend purchasing organic and non-GMO foods whenever possible and eating a diet that is fresh and wholesome. Below are links to items we use for sprouting Lids  Storage [...]

Beet Arugula Immune-Boosting Salad2021-08-02T05:37:04+00:00

5 Immune-Boosting Natural Remedies


5 Immune-Boosting Natural Remedies “HEALTH IS A TREASURE. OF ALL TEMPORAL POSSESSIONS IT IS THE MOST PRECIOUS.” Ellen G. White, Counsels on Diet and Foods. Herbal remedies have been around for centuries and have been found by many natural healers to be valuable in their immune-boosting and medicinal use. In this natural remedy [...]

5 Immune-Boosting Natural Remedies2021-08-02T05:37:55+00:00

Did Her Asthma and Other Issues Really Clear Up?


Did Her Asthma and Other Issues Really Clear Up? This amazing stories will inspire you to take charge of your own health in new ways so you too can experience the  healing miracles. Cal and Kathy came to BellaVita with a number of health issues. Cathy’s testimony, in particular, is most incredible. [...]

Did Her Asthma and Other Issues Really Clear Up?2021-08-02T05:38:51+00:00

Comparison of Nutrients in Vegetarian vs. Animal Food


Comparison of Nutrients in Vegetarian vs. Animal Food Sources Item Serving Protein *Calcium Potassium Fat Almonds 1/4 cup 7 grams 63 mg 275 mg 19 grams Beef, Ground 4 ounces 18 grams 10 mg 258 mg 15 grams Black Beans, Dry 1/2 cup 22 grams 135 mg 1035 mg 0.2 grams Blackstrap [...]

Comparison of Nutrients in Vegetarian vs. Animal Food2021-08-02T05:41:12+00:00

The Flouride Deception


The Flouride Deception Chinese fluoride is a homeland security matter To the Editor: Cumberland Times-News February 28, 2010 – The Pure Water Committee of Western Maryland Inc. was formed in 1960 as a grass roots network of citizens with a 50-year-old mission to educate the public of the complete fraud of the practice [...]

The Flouride Deception2021-08-02T05:42:14+00:00

The Gerson Therapy – No Incurable Diseases


The Gerson Therapy - No Incurable Diseases Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, the chief of medical oncology at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center in New York City, had a very good understanding about cancer when he completed his cancer specialty at Cornell University, but admitted he had a poor understanding in regards to diet [...]

The Gerson Therapy – No Incurable Diseases2021-08-02T05:44:09+00:00

BellaVita Miracles and the Coldsheet Treatment


BellaVita Miracles and the Coldsheet Treatment “I felt listless before I came to BellaVita. My pulse was racing. My blood pressure was over 200, my glucose was 405, and my cholesterol was also very high. I spent the night in the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital for 2 days. I [...]

BellaVita Miracles and the Coldsheet Treatment2021-08-02T05:47:08+00:00
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